Children’s Dentists Cathcart

slide2Preventing decay and gum disease from an early age will build the foundations of good oral health for the rest of your child’s life. You can ensure good oral health for your child by registering your child from an early age with a dentist along with bringing them to our practice near Cathcart for check-ups.

The visits to our practice will build confidence, with the appointments allowing for familiarisation with the children’s dentist whilst giving us the opportunity to reinforce positive health messages and careful detailed monitoring of your child’s mouth.

Our children’s dentists are all fully qualified and have years of experience in delivering our treatments, making them capable of handling the unique dental needs of children. Each of our children’s dentists are committed to making your child’s experience at our dental practice a positive one, no matter the age of your child.

We pride ourselves on being patient with children during their appointments and we provide individual care and education. At our dental surgery near Cathcart, we know that there are many approaches to fighting tooth decay and are concerned about what gets absorbed into our young patients’ growing bodies. When your register your child as a patient of ours we’ll use the Childsmile programme to provide you and your child with all of the information and fluoride toothpaste that they need to keep their teeth and gums clean.

If you are interested in what our children’s dentist can offer to your child here at our practice near Cathcart then just make an appointment with us today by giving us a call.