Children’s Dentists Merrylee

accord1Taking your child to see a children’s dentist from a young age will not only ensure that their teeth and gums are kept healthy but it’ll also get your child used to a dental environment, so when your child needs treatment carried out they’ll feel comfortable enough to get it done and will also be comfortable with their dentist.

We have a team of children’s dentists here at our practice in Merrylee. Each of our children’s dentists treat children under Childsmile care.

Our children’s dentists follow the programme that has been provided by Childsmile, working together to give you the best care for your child.

When you bring your child to our practice in Merrylee, we will:

  • Give information on how teeth grow and develop and offer hints and tips regarding dental care
  • Carry out regular checks to ensure that the teeth and gums are healthy
  • Demonstrate and explain toothbrushing
  • Promote toothbrushing messages
  • Advise you on weaning and healthy snacks and drinks
  • Provide clinical care which includes twice yearly fluoride varnish


The children’s dentists that we have at our dental surgery have extensive experience backed by all of the necessary qualifications to be able to deliver the Childsmile programme and any other treatments that we offer to children.

For more information on what our children’s dentists can offer simply give us a call. We’ll then get your child booked in for an appointment to come into our practice.