Children’s Dentists Cathcart

slide2Preventing decay and gum disease from an early age will build the foundations of good oral health for the rest of your child’s life. You can ensure good oral health for your child by registering your child from an early age with a dentist along with bringing them to our practice near Cathcart for check-ups.

The visits to our practice will build confidence, with the appointments allowing for familiarisation with the children’s dentist whilst giving us the opportunity to reinforce positive health messages and careful detailed monitoring of your child’s mouth.

Our children’s dentists are all fully qualified and have years of experience in delivering our treatments, making them capable of handling the unique dental needs of children. Each of our children’s dentists are committed to making your child’s experience at our dental practice a positive one, no matter the age of your child.

We pride ourselves on being patient with children during their appointments and we provide individual care and education. At our dental surgery near Cathcart, we know that there are many approaches to fighting tooth decay and are concerned about what gets absorbed into our young patients’ growing bodies. When your register your child as a patient of ours we’ll use the Childsmile programme to provide you and your child with all of the information and fluoride toothpaste that they need to keep their teeth and gums clean.

If you are interested in what our children’s dentist can offer to your child here at our practice near Cathcart then just make an appointment with us today by giving us a call.

Children’s Dentists Merrylee

accord1Taking your child to see a children’s dentist from a young age will not only ensure that their teeth and gums are kept healthy but it’ll also get your child used to a dental environment, so when your child needs treatment carried out they’ll feel comfortable enough to get it done and will also be comfortable with their dentist.

We have a team of children’s dentists here at our practice in Merrylee. Each of our children’s dentists treat children under Childsmile care.

Our children’s dentists follow the programme that has been provided by Childsmile, working together to give you the best care for your child.

When you bring your child to our practice in Merrylee, we will:

  • Give information on how teeth grow and develop and offer hints and tips regarding dental care
  • Carry out regular checks to ensure that the teeth and gums are healthy
  • Demonstrate and explain toothbrushing
  • Promote toothbrushing messages
  • Advise you on weaning and healthy snacks and drinks
  • Provide clinical care which includes twice yearly fluoride varnish


The children’s dentists that we have at our dental surgery have extensive experience backed by all of the necessary qualifications to be able to deliver the Childsmile programme and any other treatments that we offer to children.

For more information on what our children’s dentists can offer simply give us a call. We’ll then get your child booked in for an appointment to come into our practice.



Children’s Dentists Clarkston

slide2You should aim to register your baby with a dentist soon after birth or by the time that they are six months of age. Registering and taking your child to a dental practice in Clarkston as early as possible helps them to get used to the sights, sounds and smells of a dental practice and it’ll also give you access to information, advice and support for looking after your child’s teeth and gums.

Here at our practice, our children’s dentists aim to work together with you to help to give the best care for your child and other children in Clarkston who are registered with us.

We offer a Childsmile programme which focuses on preventative measures that you can take to maintain your child’s teeth and gums so that they need little to no treatment in the future.

When you bring your child to see one of our children’s dentists, you will be given advice and support from our dental team who will show you how you can help your child keep healthy teeth and stop them suffering from tooth decay in the future.

Our dentists will:

  • Give information on how teeth grow and will carry out regular checks to make sure that the teeth and gums are healthy
  • Give you hints and tips on dental care
  • Demonstrate and explain tooth brushing
  • Promote tooth brushing messages for example spit don’t rinse
  • Advise on weaning and healthy snacks and drinks
  • Provide clinical care which includes twice yearly fluoride varnish


If you would like to register your child with one of the children’s dentists at our practice then feel free to give us a call today. One of our receptionists will then arrange an appointment for you to bring your child into our practice and for you to register your child as a new patient.


Emergency Kids Dentist Glasgow

slide1Are you looking for a dental practice that has emergency appointments available? Here at our practice we have spaces reserved for patients in Glasgow who require an emergency kids dentist.

Each of our emergency kids dentists are fully qualified and are trained to the highest of standards in all aspects of dentistry, so if you bring your child to us you can expect us to be more than capable of helping.

Appointments for our emergency kids dentist tend to fill up fast which is why we have also set aside Saturday morning appointments. The dentists who deal with emergency appointments for kids are friendly and try to make the kids feel as comfortable as possible whilst providing their treatment.

There are a number of different reasons why you may need to bring your kid into see one of our dentists.

The most common cases that we see everyday include:

  • Children falling and knocking out a tooth
  • A child chipping or breaking their tooth
  • Toothache
  • Teething

.If your child has any of these or a different problem that you feel is an emergency and you live in Glasgow then all you have to do is give us a call. One of our receptionists will then discuss the emergency appointments that are available and get your kid booked in as soon as possible.


Kids NHS Dentist Glasgow

slide1Teeth form very quickly and some children can have teeth before they are even born. It is advisable that you have your child registered with a dentist so that you can get your child help with any problems that they experience eg teething problems.

By registering your child with a dentist from an early age you will be able to look after their teeth and gums whilst getting your child used to a dental environment at the same time. This means that come the time they may need treatment they will be comfortable and relaxed as opposed to getting themselves upset and distressed at the thought of treatment.

We have a kids NHS dentist here at our practice in Glasgow, this dentist ensures that all children have the best possible start and welcomes everyone to our practice. Our kids NHS dentist is fully qualified and trained to the highest of standards so you can be confident that our practice is both reliable and trustworthy.

At our practice our kids NHS dentist has a Childsmile programme that is available for all children in Glasgow.

Childsmile is a scheme in Scotland which aims to improve children’s dental health. The scheme focuses on prevention, this includes taking measures to maintain your child’s oral health so that they don’t need as much/any treatment in the future. The scheme also promotes a holistic approach to healthy living, with it teaching children that brushing their teeth is an important life skill.

When it comes to Childsmile, our practice will provide your child with a dental pack that contains a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste that contains at least 1000 parts per million fluoride.

We incorporate:

  • Dietary advice
  • Toothbrushing demonstration for parents and carers
  • Fluoride advice
  • Clinical prevention as appropriate

.Generally there is no treatment carried out the first time that you bring your child to our practice in Glasgow, this is because the first appointment is about getting your child introduced to a dental environment.

We are able to book your child in for an appointment with one of our dentists should you be interested in registering your child at our practice. All you have to do is contact us by filling out our contact form or by giving us a call.


Childrens NHS Dentist Glasgow

slide1Teeth form very early, in some cases teeth can form before a baby is even born. It is important that oral hygiene is at a high standard because this will help to give your child healthy teeth for the rest of their life.

At our dental practice in Glasgow we have a children’s NHS dentist available. This dentist is able to help with a range of problems that parents may be having with their child, for example, teething problems or the way that their child’s teeth are growing in.

It is very rare that any treatment will be given on the first visit to our children’s NHS dentist so it is the perfect opportunity for your child to become familiar with the dental environment.


As well as giving your child the opportunity to get used to a dental environment our children’s NHS dentist will also be able to register your child on our Childsmile program. This programme is for children aged from birth to 6 years old in Glasgow and aims to ensure that all children have the best possible experience at our practice.

Get in touch with us

If you would like to register your child at our practice in Glasgow then all you have to do is get in touch with us, you will then be able to make an appointment to come in with your child to see the children’s NHS dentist.


Emergency Childrens Dentist Appointment Glasgow

slide2Do you need an emergency children’s dentist appointment at a practice in Glasgow? If so then you should come to our dental practice.

Here at our dental surgery in Glasgow we understand that there are a number of different problems which may arise with your child which would require an emergency appointment. We pride ourselves on setting aside appointments in emergency instances where your child may have to urgently see one of our children’s dentists.

If your child falls and knocks out a permanent tooth

If your child has fallen and has knocked out a permanent tooth then try to locate the tooth and pick it up by the chewing surface whilst being careful not to touch the root of the tooth.

If you find that the tooth is dirty or broken then put the tooth in a glass of milk and bring it and your child to us.

Chipped or broken tooth

If your child has a chipped or broken tooth then it requires immediate dental attention. Even if the damaged tooth is not a permanent one it is important that you bring your child because once a tooth has become chipped or broken bacteria can enter the tooth’s pulp or nerve, causing an infection.

When you bring your child to our dental practice in Glasgow, one of our children’s dentists will be able to evaluate the damage and seal the enamel which will keep the bacteria out and stop an infection. If you are able to locate the piece of the broken tooth then again, put it in a glass of milk and bring it with you to the appointment.


If your child is experiencing toothache then it’s important that you bring them into our dental surgery. We are able to give your child something for it whilst ruling out any potential problems that there may be.


Children can be teething from a young age. Rather than watching your child in pain we may be able to give you something that will ease your child’s pain.

Our dentists

Each of the children’s dentists that we have available are fully qualified to be able to help your child during an emergency children’s dentist appointment. With their experience and skills, you can be confident that your child is in safe hands at our practice.

Contact us

For an emergency children’s dentist appointment, just give us a call today.



Childrens Dentistry Glasgow

accord1At our dental practice, we specialise in children’s dentistry in Glasgow. For several years, our surgery has had hundreds of children from all over Glasgow come to us for their regular dental checkups.

Children’s dentistry is what we do on a daily basis, as well as dealing with adults and offering cosmetic dentistry but more often than not we will have a child patient. Many people do not know that when a child is born you can instantly register with a children’s dentist, this means that you can take your child to the dentist to make sure that their teeth and gums are maintained from a very early age.

Some people are also not aware that you should be cleaning a baby’s gum pads as an early habit. We have kids from weeks old who come and see us and we deal with teething issues as well as many other issues.

Not only does registering your child with us from an early age make sure that the child’s teeth and gums are maintained it also helps them get used to coming to a dentist, so in later years when a child will need some treatment they won’t feel anxious about coming in.

We have a Childsmile programme in place at our practice. This programme has been designed to improve the oral health of children in Scotland and reduce the inequalities when it comes to dental health and access to dental treatments.

Typically Childsmile is funded by the Scottish government and is made up of four elements. These are as follows:

  • Childsmile Core Programme
  • Childsmile Practice
  • Childsmile Nursery and School


We are able to tell you more about Childsmile and what we can offer your child at our practice in Glasgow. Simply make an appointment with us today by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.