Kids NHS Dentist Glasgow

slide1Teeth form very quickly and some children can have teeth before they are even born. It is advisable that you have your child registered with a dentist so that you can get your child help with any problems that they experience eg teething problems.

By registering your child with a dentist from an early age you will be able to look after their teeth and gums whilst getting your child used to a dental environment at the same time. This means that come the time they may need treatment they will be comfortable and relaxed as opposed to getting themselves upset and distressed at the thought of treatment.

We have a kids NHS dentist here at our practice in Glasgow, this dentist ensures that all children have the best possible start and welcomes everyone to our practice. Our kids NHS dentist is fully qualified and trained to the highest of standards so you can be confident that our practice is both reliable and trustworthy.

At our practice our kids NHS dentist has a Childsmile programme that is available for all children in Glasgow.

Childsmile is a scheme in Scotland which aims to improve children’s dental health. The scheme focuses on prevention, this includes taking measures to maintain your child’s oral health so that they don’t need as much/any treatment in the future. The scheme also promotes a holistic approach to healthy living, with it teaching children that brushing their teeth is an important life skill.

When it comes to Childsmile, our practice will provide your child with a dental pack that contains a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste that contains at least 1000 parts per million fluoride.

We incorporate:

  • Dietary advice
  • Toothbrushing demonstration for parents and carers
  • Fluoride advice
  • Clinical prevention as appropriate

.Generally there is no treatment carried out the first time that you bring your child to our practice in Glasgow, this is because the first appointment is about getting your child introduced to a dental environment.

We are able to book your child in for an appointment with one of our dentists should you be interested in registering your child at our practice. All you have to do is contact us by filling out our contact form or by giving us a call.